Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monday April 4th Short Term Long Trades

Orders I'll place  Monday April 4th.
Short term 2 period RSI stock pullback longs

Dell - I will be buying Dell through Foliofn trade window at 11:00 Monday April 4th if the stock is trading in the area of Friday's close of 14.34 prior to the trade window. A limit order the open for 14.34 is another way to get into this position.

I will be buying my 1st buy in which is 10 percent of final position.

Xlnx -
limit order long 32.15. Buy 1st 10 percent of position. Execute trade during Foliofn trade window or a limit order from 32.15 at the open.

I will  monitor these positions nightly. Exits will be placed for the next trading day open or Foliofn trade window.

The above listings are for informational purposes only are are not investing advice.