Monday, April 4, 2011

Smarter Investing Relative Strength Ranks

Here are the current relative strength rankings for the Smarter Investing relative strength model as if Sunday April 4th. If you were to begin using this model you would buy the single highest ranked etf in each category. The ranking numbers are the column marked RS multiple MA 1. Most of these etfs are overbought and it might be wise to wait for a small pullback before getting in. The formula for the relative strength calculation is the 8 period weekly moving average / 15 period weekly moving average. It's a shorter time frame for calculations than I believe many people use. My portfolio is already long so I only hold one of the top ranks. The others have dropped down a bit. They will be sold when they either get stopped out, or drop down to the midpoint on the list.

You might also notice on these charts the Genesis Relative rankings in the middle column. This is another method for ranking the etfs which I use for another relative strength portfolio. I'm running that portfolio as well and seeing how they perform going forward. More on that in another future post. You can see significant differences in the rankings though. 

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